New Niggas

“White folks tired of our ass too! They gettin them some new niggas….” – Richard Pryor | Is It Something I Said (1975) Richard Pryor is probably one of the most legendary comics in American pop culture history. His raw comedy combined with the realism of his own life made not only a wry comedic […]

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America, The Best Country?

America, the Best Country next to 10 Others. Is America the best country in the world? I mean, shoot, we’ve touted that for years now. Isn’t America the best country to live in? Don’t we have the best healthcare, judicial system, food, educational system, & Jesus? After all, God did “Bless America” didn’t he? H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks […]

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Obama, Bi?

No, no, I’m not referring to Obama’s sexual orientation!! Don’t get it twisted yo! However, I am referring to Obama’s ethnic background: Bi-racial. Or, as many would call it, “Mixed.” Black and White. Hmmm. African American & Euro-American. Hmmm. Or is he just Black as many people, including myself, have summarized him down to? It’s […]

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